Quality Tube Expanding Service in US

July 31, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - The steel tube company offers high quality electrical conduit products at competitive prices.

Quality Tube, a single source solution for electrical conduit products, is expanding their service to all of the United States. Quality Tube, a company with over 35 years of experience, has sold millions of feet of tubing. Their multiple decades experience has made Quality Tube a leader in manufacturing galvanized pipes nationally and internationally. With this expansion, they are offering high-quality electrical conduit at competitive pricing, everywhere in the US.

Quality Tube’s galvanized tubes are commonly used in construction. Galvanizing is important because it provides long lasting protection. Galvanizing involves applying a protective coat of zinc over the steel pipes.The zinc shields the pipe from exposure to the elements. It is used to halt the formation of rust. Without this protective zinc coating, the metal would lead to corrosion and rust. Quality Tube exceeds the standard of 4 applications. They administer 5 applications of zinc ensuring a product of the highest quality and greater protection from exposure.

Quality Tube has a massive inventory of EMT, IMC tubing, galvanized rigid steel conduit, and aluminum rigid conduit in a variety of denominations, diameters, and lengths. They also manufacture the 90° elbow, couple, and connector accessories. All are designed to last and stand out before the most adverse conditions. The tubes strength and quality meets or exceeds all UL standards. This means that a sample of Quality Tube products has undergone testing by the global safety certification company and was found that the product meets the specific requirements of Standards for Safety. Already millions of feet of tubes have been sold and orders of any size are now available to be shipped anywhere in the US. Besides their massive inventory, Quality Tube has a mill capacity of 4000 plus tons per month to meet a jobs specifications.

Quality Tube’s 35 years of knowledge and experience is reflected by its UL certification. This certification is an international standard for a quality management system. Quality Tube has demonstrated their ability to provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements and continuously demonstrates improvement. With its international recognition and reputation, Quality Tube prides itself on rapid turnaround for those time-sensitive projects. They ensure the highest customer care from manufacturing, selection of a product, to its final distribution.

Wholesale orders from contractors only, can be taken from sales representatives across the US to fulfill orders of any size at extremely competitive prices. To see a full list of Quality Tube’s products or for more information, please go to: https://qualitytubeinc.com/.


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